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Michale Fiorini

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I like to think that the outdoorsman way of life is encoded in my DNA. As a Fourth generation Canadian hunter and fisherman I've heard my fair share of "back in the day stories". My favourite being the time they had to export an illegally shot moose via helicopter out of fear of getting nipped by the warden. Iv'e gained an increasing appreciation for these stories as I've matured, and often consider it to be the driving force behind my pursuit for adventure. It is my belief that an individual is best judged based off the stories he shares and his ability to allow his listeners to live vicariously through his words and inspire  deviation from the beaten path.  This sense of adventure has been carried through my family long before I was part of the picture, in a way I see it as an obligation to carry the torch, similar to the way a lone son is responsible for carrying on the family name. I love every damn part of this.